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As we continue the two-year release cycle for the most popular meet management swim software in the world, we’re announcing that the NEW Swim Meet Manager 8.0 is now available!

Meet Manager for Swimming is the most widely-used swimming management software in the world. There are thousands of HY-TEK customers using Meet Manager in over 100 countries and our system has been used in several Olympic Trials, Junior Olympic Trials, and national meets, as well as in tens of thousands of local meets worldwide. Meet Manager for Swimming offers you comprehensive solutions for every aspect of organizing a meet, making sure that not a drop of water is out of place and you spend more time by the pool instead of behind a computer.

Meet Manager Can Run Any Type of Swim Meet

  • International Meets like the World Cup and Pan Pacific Championship
  • USA Swimming Championship meets
  • Collegiate and High SchoolChampionship Meets
  • A/B/C Time Standards Meets
  • Flighted Meets
  • Disability Meets
  • Prelim/Semi/Finals Meets
  • Dual & Double Dual Meets
  • Open Water Events
  • Masters

At Any Level of Competition

  • Olympic Trials & World Trials
  • Senior
  • Age Group
  • College
  • High School
  • Recreation/Summer League

Offering a Solution For Anything You Need

  • Seed heats using multiple methods
  • Print heat and psych sheets (1, 2, or 3 column)
  • Download reports on meet entries and entry fees
  • Generate entry cards or labels
  • Create award labels
  • View meet summaries
  • Receive record breaker updates and reports
  • Post real-time results to the Web
  • Save all reports in PDF format
  • Score individual and team points using multiple methods
  • Interface with 16 different timing systems
  • Display data on multiple brands of alpha-numeric scoreboards

Meet Mobile

  • See real-time heat results
  • Check real-time team scores
  • Follow individuals and teams (flag them as favorites to easily find them again)
  • Quickly find the meet and/or swimmer you are looking for with robust search functions
  • View psych sheets
  • View heat sheets by heat and/or by individual
  • View event timelines
  • View info easily - no sign-in or log-in necessary

    Note: Meets must be running on Meet Manager 4.0 or later, and must have an internet connection.

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Meet Manager for Swimming offers a pool full of features that have been specifically designed to make running your meet easy and efficient. The swimming software features a comprehensive online help resource, a meet entry import tool, a meet results export tool, full data access from the Run Menu, and support for an unlimited number of records and time standards. Plus, reports are brilliantly designed and give you the flexibility to translate every word and phrase into virtually any language, which can be exported into multiple formats.

With Meet Manager's unique Run Menu Scoreboard, you are front and center on all the action, with full control over each event and heat. All the information you need is on your screen, allowing you to make instant changes and additions. Quickly manage DQ's, scratches, late entries, relay names, awards, judge's decisions, results and more.

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Meet Manager Start-Up comes equipped to run all aspects of any size swim meet. But if you're looking for more, we've got it. We have add-on options and features you can incorporate into the basic Meet Manager package to take your competition to the next level:

Meet Manager for Swimming Standard Options:

Ribbon/Award Labels

Reward your athletes and give them a sense of accomplishment! Easily print award labels for any event or heat, tailored to the size you select. These labels will ensure that you have professional ribbons to present for 1st/2nd/3rd place, Personal Bests, Standard Achievers and more.

Entry Cards/Labels

Stay organized and know who's who by printing labels or cards listing the entries for your meet (seeded or unseeded).

Meet Manager for Swimming Advanced Options:

Timing Console Interface

Save time and eliminate manual data entry by uploading swim times from your timing console directly to Meet Manager with the INTERFACE module. With a click of the mouse, you can see your swimmers' times displayed next to their lane numbers and names. Splits, backup times, and reaction times are also automatically uploaded and stored in the Meet Manager database. Plus:

  • Color coding of heat buttons and lanes to quickly see times that need adjustments
  • Option to connect two timers to one computer
  • Pad times needing adjustment are flagged and easily changed
  • Watch times are stored in the database
  • Final times are automatically calculated
  • Split times for swimmers and relays can be viewed and edited

The INTERFACE also includes a Meet Event Download feature which allows you to download event numbers and descriptions directly into the timer. This saves you hours of time that would normally be spent manually keying event information into your timing console. The INTERFACE is also capable of importing and displaying relay take-off reaction times, streamlining your swimmers' data even more.

Scoreboard Interface

Keep your audience captivated! The Scoreboard INTERFACE transmits start lists and event results from the Meet Manager database directly to the computer controlling the alphanumeric scoreboard. Quick as lighting, valuable information that swimmers and parents want to see is prominently displayed.

HY-TEK interfaces with the following alphanumeric scoreboards: Colorado Time Systems, Daktronics, Omega and IST. If your club does not use any of these systems, there is a generic scoreboard function which exports the data in a format that enables any scoreboard computer to receive and parse the information for display. The generic scoreboard interface works with Lynx Developer's ResulTV software which can drive any scoreboard, including video boards.

Pro Network/Real-Time Results

With the new Meet Manager Pro Network option, administrators, coaches and officials have access to one central database that stores every piece of information. No more hassles trying to find information that is scattered among different databases and files! As multiple people operate on various PCs to keep the meet running, all information is "networked" so you can be sure that each piece of data is stored in and shared from one location, increasing accuracy and efficiency. Assign permission levels to each user-with four levels to choose from, you can easily retain control over who has access to what.

The Meet Manager Pro Network Option also includes the ability to upload current heat and event results directly to a website in HTML format. Provide real-time meet results directly to the host club's or swim organization's website so parents, coaches and swimmers can watch the meet in progress.

Button Finish Interface for Open Water

With the Button Finish Interface, you can bring your system out in the open! Results for Open Water races can be imported into MM's Open Water module from seven brands of button timers, one brand of stopwatch, and FinishLynx photo finish. For the order of the finish, the OW module offers the option to scan competitor's waterproof barcodes or to manually enter the order of the finish to match the imported times.


Product Description
Upgrade to MM 8.0 for MM7.0, MM6.0, MM5.0, MM 4.0, MM 3.0, MM 2.0 and MM 1.4 Customers
The upgrade price for MM 7.0 is $269.00.
Meet Manager (Start Up)
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Ribbon Labels Option
Entry Cards/Labels Option
Complete System
Includes Start Up & Standard Options above

The following features all require the Meet Manager Start Up.

Pro Option
Includes the Network and Real-Time Results to the Web features
The Timing Console INTERFACE
ALGE, CTS, Daktronics, IST, Kyrotech, Omega, SST, Wylas
Button Finish INTERFACE for Open Water
CTS Dolphin Wireless INTERFACE
Backup Mode
Alpha Scoreboard INTERFACE to Display Names/Results
CTS, Daktronics, Omega, Generic

License Options

Probably 98% of Meet Manager products are licensed to the School or Club that is hosting the meet at their facility and are in the meet. There is no additional fee for this School/Club License.

Please click here for more information about these non-standard License Options.


HY-TEK software powers the most important swim meets in the sport. Below is a partial list of the thousands of customers who have chosen HY-TEK Meet Manager:

Meet Manager for Swimming

  • Marian High School
  • Towson Y Swim Team
  • Aberdeen Y Sea Otters
  • Blossom Athletic Center
  • Hazleton YMCA Swim Team
  • Moranbah Highlanders Swim Club
  • Mounties Swimming Club
  • South Milwaukee High School
  • Thornlie Swimming Club
  • Bishop Foley Catholic High School
  • Central Lake YMCA Turtle Swim Team
  • Champaign Centennial High School
  • Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club
  • Harrison High School Hoyas
  • Metamora Township High School
  • Vassar College
  • Alice Springs Swimming Club
  • Garioch Swimming Club
  • Greely High School
  • Nampa Swim Team
  • Norristown Area Aquatic Club
  • Sigonella Swordfish Swim Team
  • Silver Tide Swim Club
  • Swim Lenoir
  • Baldwinsville High School
  • Centennial Aquatic Club
  • Central Arkansas Swim Club
  • Davidson College
  • Eishenhower High School
  • Frewsburg Central School
  • Mombasa Swimming Club
  • Muskegon Y Swim Team
  • Davenport Metro Swim Team
  • Flagstaff SnowSharks
  • Glenbrook Aquatics
  • Redding Aqua Ducks Swim Team
  • Byron Tiger Sharks
  • Colby College Swim Team
  • Great Lakes Tritons
  • Kennebec Valley YMCA Stingrays

New Releases

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