Import Time Standards

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To import a Time Standards file, click Events / Time Standards and then click Import at the top of the Time Standards Menu. Or from the Main Menu, click the Time Standards short-cut icon icon-MainTimeStds.


You may import a HY-TEK Time Standard file that has been created by HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER or MEET MANAGER.  The HY-TEK Time Standard file always has the file extension ".STD" or ".ST2".


If your meet is setup as a BCSSA meet, time standards can be imported from files with a .stb file extension. Only MM can properly create time standards files with the .stb extension. So to create a BCSSA time standards file that other BCSSA MM users can import, the time standards must first be manually entered into MM and then exported.


The current USA Swimming National Time Standards file is automatically included on your MM Installation CD and stored in your installation folder (typically c:\hy-sport\SwMM6).  This file can also be download from the HY-TEK web site at


When importing, the time standards tags inside the file will be displayed and you can select any one of up to 12 time standard tag sets. If there are 4 sets of time standard tags you want to import, then you must import the file 4 different times.


You can edit the time standard tags and change them to anything you want, plus you can add a 20 character description to the tag for display on reports.