MEET MANAGER 3.0 for Track & Field

Service Pack Release Notes

Procedure to Download and Install Service Packs
·Start MEET MANAGER 3.0 and click on Check for Updates at the top of the main screen.  
·If a Firewall is preventing the Check for Updates process from completing, you can order a Product Replacement CD from the HY-TEK Online Store. Or go to the HY-TEK Download Center, click on Update next to MEET MANAGER 3.0, and SAVE the MEET MANAGER 3.0 Service Pack update file to your hard drive (to c:\Hy-Sport for example). Then start MM 3.0 and click on File / Install Update and follow the prompts.  

Version 3.0Cr - April 16, 2012
·When Combining Event results using the Combine selection from the Run Menu, there was a problem with combining two relay events in that conflicts with relay runners names occurred and this is corrected.  
·When editing custom alleys from the Events Menu, a space could get added to the alphanumeric label (such as 3B) and this caused the sorting in the heat sheet to be out of order.  
·When adding athletes to an event when using the Declaration Pad, an error would occur and this is corrected.  

Version 3.0Cq - February 22, 2012

·Eagle Eye Digital Video has released Eagle Eye Pro and this model is available in MM.  
·When FinishLynx File Sharing was selected for the photo finish timer, it was not possible to uncheck the "Activate" check box for creating start lists and this is fixed.  
·In the Mark Standards Menu, the check boxes for mark standard tags did not toggle properly and this is fixed.  
·In the Relays Menu, the check boxes for SCR, Alt, and Exh did not toggle correctly and this is fixed.  
·If a team was designated as Exhibition, relays for that team would be listed at the top of results reports instead of at the bottom and this is corrected.  

Version 3.0Cp - January 16, 2012

·For Cross Country and Road Races, IPICO Sports has been added to the button vendor set of timers. Thus files from IPICO readers can be read by MM and imported. This includes reading in the bib-tag file to associate each tag with a competitor number and reading in the resulting log files after a race is completed.  
·For Combined Events setup as Multi-Age Group, the sorting order for the spreadsheet report was incorrect and this is fixed.  

Version 3.0Co - October 27, 2011

·The USATF Association name for the Metropolitan Association has been changed to New York Association.  
·In the Scratch Pad, the Team Name has been added as a column to go along with the Team Abbreviation.  
·In the teams report for athlete count, a team with athletes was skipped if none of the male or female athletes was declared competing and this is corrected.  

Version 3.0Cn - May 23, 2011

·An RTF Export choice has been added to the Results Report Menu just like there is for the Meet Program Report. This format is easily editable when exporting the report to MS Word Editable (RTF).  
·When exporting results to TM, there is an option to exclude birth dates or not.  
·When creating a Scores Report for Individual High Point totals and when including the event breakout, relays were not always itemized and this is corrected.  
·When Exporting Advancers using a Time / Mark Standard, if there was only one Time / Mark Standard, it could not be selected and this is corrected.  

Version 3.0Cm - April 25, 2011

·The last revision for the Meet Program for events run in Alleys left out the hip numbers and these are re-instated along with a correction for the sort order when custom or standard alleys are used.  

Version 3.0Cl - April 12, 2011

·The Meet Program for events run in Alleys was not listing the alleys in the correct order and this is fixed.  
·When printing bar code competitor labels, you have the option to print any number of copies of each label just as you can in the competitor number label menu.  
·Bar code labels have the division abbreviation added for meets that use divisions based on birth date ranges.  
·The point tables report for Combined Events were out of order for field events and this is fixed.  
·The export of semi-colon results left out the relay letter for relay results and the letter is now included with the team name.  

Version 3.0Ck - March 13, 2011

·For Road Races where the overall top finishers in the entire race are removed from the age group results, they are now listed separately in an overall age category instead of simply being removed from the report. In addition, if the race is mixed, then the overall top so many women and top so many men are listed separately, whereas before only the top so many overall were separated without considering gender.  
·The Generic entry Form report was not displaying correctly and this has been fixed.  
·When showing results in the Athlete Menu, DQ's were not displayed and this is corrected. The same applies when right clicking an athlete name in the heat list at the bottom of the Run Menu.  
·When exiting the Draft Heat Sheet from the Seeding Preview window, an error occurred and this is corrected.  
·Bar code scanners can be used in the Run Menu to insert athletes into lanes or positions if you click on the Competitor number column in the Run Menu's heat grid and then read the bar code. The competitor number field in the competitor number column will now accept 6 characters in case your bar codes have leading zeroes. The competitor number is still limited to a number up to 99,999.  

Version 3.0Cj - February 5, 2011

·There is a minor adjustment when editing Combined Event Sub-Events to prevent the lane settings from re-setting if you change the Event Type.  

Version 3.0Ci - January 31, 2011

·There is a new option in Entry / Scoring Preferences to use "X" instead of "F" for Foul and Fail in the field events.  
·There is a correction to the export of results to Team Manager which will prevent an error that could occur when importing coach names from the export file.  

Version 3.0Ch - January 23, 2011

·The Teams Report sorted by team size left some teams out of the listing and this is corrected.  
·Results Reports that included team scores sorted by event number for single courier, Flat HTML, and AP News format did not place the team scores at the end of the report and this is fixed.  
·When importing times from early vintage Time Machines (early 1990's), an error would occur and this has been fixed.  
·The new team point system for combined events was not being initialized in the scoring setup when a new database was created and this is corrected.  
·In the edit athlete menu, clicking a cell to enter a time prevented clicking more events, plus navigation with the up and down arrow in the entries section skipped rows. Both of these issues have been corrected.  

Version 3.0Cg - January 12, 2011

·Results Reports sorted by event number for single courier, Flat HTML, and AP News format sometimes did not sort correctly and this is fixed.  
·For Cross Country, the new feature to assign athletes to A, B, C, etc. teams within teams can now be used for scoring from the Run Menu. The Rum Menu scoring will look at the Assign Teams setting in the CC/RR Module to determine whether to use the assignments or not. Dynamic CC scoring is also now implemented in the Run Menu scoring.  
·Athletes whose team was designated as exhibition were not listed in results with an "X" next to their time and this is corrected.  

Version 3.0Cf - January 7, 2011

·Competitor numbers can be assigned by Association and then Team. This only applies to USATF meets.  
·In Athlete Reports, teams can be sorted by Association and then Team for USATF meets.  
·In the Scoreboard Customize Menu, scoreboard results for field events could only be displayed in Metric and this is corrected to also allow English.  
·In the Scratch Pad and Declaration Pad, entry times for relays could not be edited and this is fixed.  

Version 3.0Ce - January 2, 2011

·In the Relays Menu, the number of entries for the selected event are now displayed at the top of the relay entries window.  
·In the Teams Menu, the home phone column was always blank and this is corrected.  
·In the Time/Mark Standards window, the filter for male or female only events did not work if events were boys and girls instead of men and women and this is corrected.  
·In the Ranks section of the CC/RR Module, the Reverse Ranks choice did not allow one to enter a range of rows for reversal and this is fixed.  
·In Windows 7 systems, if a photo timer was selected, sometimes when going back to the Photo Finish Vendor Menu, the Manual Timer choice would be selected instead and this is fixed.  

Version 3.0Cd - November 18, 2010

·In the Teams Report, teams with only females and no relays would be left out of the report if 'Athlete / Entry Count' was selected and this is corrected.  
·In the Performance Report, if Multi-Age split was selected the males and females in a multi-age group mixed event would not be sorted correctly and this is fixed.  

Version 3.0Cc - October 24, 2010

·For Cross Country and in the CC/RR Module only, the feature to assign athletes to A, B, C, etc. teams within teams is implemented.  
·When adding teams to a new database that was not converted from TFMM 2.0, there was an error and this is corrected.  
·The new feature to exclude the top so many overall fastest runners from Road Race age group results was not working correctly and this is also fixed.  

Version 3.0Cb - October 22, 2010

·Reading bar codes in the Ranks Menu of the CC/RR Module did not work and this has been fixed.  
·The font for large two column Team Registration Labels has been increased for easier reading (5163 2 x 4 labels).  

Version 3.0Ca - October 17, 2010

·This is the first Production release of the new 3.0 version of MEET MANAGER.