The HY-TEK Group Purchase Opportunity is available to Swimming organizations (for example, LSC's, Associations, leagues, swim and track federations, state High School associations, athletic conferences).

To qualify, a Swim organization must:

  1. Announce in writing to its member teams/schools that the organization "recommends" HY-TEK software products to its member clubs/schools. There is no requirement to endorse HY-TEK and there is no minimum purchase requirement. You may request product material to distribute with your recommendation letter or you can simply email the member teams the recommendation letter with information on how to contact HY-TEK via our Online Store and/or toll free sales office number (866.456.5111). Then email or mail your recommendation letter to the HY-TEK Sales Office with a list of member teams/schools.
  2. Show the Powered by HY-TEK Sports Software logo available Here on the top portion of the Swim organization's home web page.

Once we receive that information, and the HY-TEK logo has been setup on your home web page, each team/school will receive the following discounts on all HY-TEK desktop products:

  • 25% discount on the retail price of all HY-TEK Windows software products and options for Team Manager.

For example, any team in your organization can begin to keep rosters, top times/marks, and meet entries in Team Manager and generate meet entries and receive meet results back from the meet host.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, or wish to contact other organizations that have already automated their teams using HY-TEK products, please contact the Sales Office.